As sustainability consultants, we help clients achieve results through green building strategies. Our core client base includes:

• Real estate investors

• Property managers
• Small business owners

• Homeowners


We help our partner’s gain an understanding of what it means to use energy intelligently and how to leverage the opportunities available. We provide unmatched expertise in energy efficient design and retrofit solutions.

We provide several benefits to our clients…

Alternative Green Building Solutions- We consider our project; evaluate solutions, and possible technologies to implement. Then we create options based on our time, goals, and budget.

Increased Profit Margins- We create a well-positioned competitive advantage in our market. By adding qualified green upgrades, we create value and superior R.O.I.

Environmental Consciousness- We help to create a healthy space that reduces our overall environmental footprint and allows us to create comfort in our buildings.

Cost Savings- Cost effective green building strategies mean we save money in the long run, but we focus on providing techniques to create value right away.

Certified RESNET Rater, BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope and Shell Professional, and Master Electrician. 


Our strength lies in our knowledge of our local market.

Remaining true to our core values of mutual respect and cooperation, we continue to bring leadership to NWI's sustainable development objectives. Fact based, people centered. It's why we thrive and why our investors trust us to deliver. 




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